The Warrior is a Child!

On February 20, 2009 my life changed and began to have meaning.  Bob Lenz, an amazing speaker and Compassion Advocate, came to our community for a youth outreach event.  At that event, I happened upon the Compassion table and saw the photo of a precious six-year old named Mukademari Beatrice.  Taken aback, I knew immediately that I would sponsor her.  Her middle name was “Beatrice” which as fate would have it, is the name of both of my grandmother’s.  How on earth was it possible that a child in Africa had the same name as my grandmothers?  I had always wanted to sponsor a child, but never believed that I actually could afford to do so.  That day, my faith took action and I trusted that God would provide.  He has.  Not only would I sponsor Mukademari for a year or two.  I would sponsor her and love her for her whole life.  No excuses.


Fast forward to 2012, I was living in the same one bedroom apartment that I had for twelve years, and was considering finally making a move to a bigger home.  This, of course, meant I would pay considerably more for rent.  Well, the move didn’t happen (yet), but God continued to lead me back to the Compassion website ( where I spent hours upon hours looking at the faces of other helpless children, in need of a sponsor.  Like Mukademari, each was in need of someone to remind them they are loved. Each was in need of knowing that they could accomplish anything. And each was in need of someone to financially support them so they could receive nutrition, an education (key life skills, social skills) and the opportunity to learn about Jesus. One night, while sharing my sponsorship story of Mukademari with my K-4th Grade class, a student pressed, “Why can’t we meet her?”  “She can’t be here,” I told my students, “she lives in Rwanda and she is poor.” “But why can’t you go there to meet her?” the student lamented.  I was aghast. Until that moment, I had never even considered the possibility of traveling to visit Mukademari.  I left class that evening with a burden on my heart.  I spent the entire night looking in to how I could visit Mukademari. What did it cost? When was the trip? How would visiting Rwanda be possible?  What I didn’t know was that God had something else in mind. As I searched the Compassion site for information, the faces of other children kept flashing on the screen.  Another stunning six year old from Rwanda found a place in my heart. Her name was Uwineza Jacqueline and I sponsored her on February 16, 2012.  I would later discover that Uwineza is an identical twin, just like myself. 

God is truly amazing.  


So, what about the move?  Well, in April of 2012 (only two months after sponsoring Uwineza) the opportunity to move became official.  I moved into a beautiful and spacious townhome which I adore, however, the rent is  double the amount of my last apartment.  May it be noted that while there have been many times that I have thought, “I can’t financially do this,” nearly two years later I continue to sponsor both of my girls from Rwanda, Africa and I also sponsor another child from Kenya. Her name is Blessing and you can learn more about my journey to sponsor her by going to the following link


God does absolutely provide all that we need, as He promised!  Though I have yet to visit my girls in Rwanda and/or Kenya, it is on my bucket list and it will happen soon!  

So, what about you?  The warrior is truly a child, and there are thousands upon thousands of children who need you.  Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child through Compassion! It will change your  life!

Through monthly gifts, prayer and letter writing, sponsors invest in the lives of children living in extreme poverty. This relationship communicates, “You are an important little person!”

Children attend church-based child development centers where they receive life-changing opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach. All Compassion-sponsored children have the opportunity to develop their God-given potential and be released from the poverty that has trapped their families for generations.

Sponsor a child today and help break the cycle of poverty! For just $38 a month, your child sponsorship helps provide:

  • Ongoing Christian training
  • Educational opportunities
  • Treatment and training to maintain child health
  • Development of self-confidence and social skills
  • Key life skills and vocational programs



Child sponsorship is easy!

Simple to set up, child sponsorship opens up new worlds to you, such as:

Learning about different parts of the world

Discovering political and economic realities your sponsored child faces

The joy of helping someone in great need

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