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The Adventures Continue…

As I have embarked on 37 Adventures For My 37th Year of Life I have discovered that the best ones are those unplanned, those done on a whim, simply to live life to the fullest! And that is exactly what I have been doing since my 37th birthday! To learn more about my 37 Adventures for My 37th Year of Life, you can click on the above link to read my blog!

So, the adventures continue…

#16 – Visit a Farmer’s Market (on side of the road)

Truth be told, when I travel, I am almost always traveling with my youth group and I don’t have the opportunity to stop and visit any specialty stores along the way.  So, on one of my last trips to Houston I decided to stop and check out a farmer’s market on the side of the road.  I have seen it hundreds of times and finally took the time to stop.  Below are some of the photos.

May 2014 597 May 2014 598

Rule #1 – bring cash!  Sadly, the beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables couldn’t be purchased by ME that day because “no cash, no buy.” Regretfully, I got into my car and drove home without any yummy veggies or fruits to eat. I was so disappointed. This was about the only time I have ever regretted not carrying cash.

#17 – Meet Sam Houston

As one who rarely has taken road trips, I decided to take the opportunity this year to do more of them. So, a few months ago, I had the opportunity to go and visit some friends in Huntsville, Texas!  I knew this would be a great adventure and I had always wanted to stop and meet Sam Houston! I finally did!  I was also able to visit the Campus of Sam Houston State University and reminisce with one of my college roommates and her husband. This trip made me wonder why it has taken me so long to make impromptu road trips! It was wonderful!

May 2014 633May 2014 634

#18 – Eat Pie at Royer’s Pie Haven

Hmmm, I guess I had forgotten how many road trips I have taken in my 37th year of life?  It seems it is more than the last 36 years combined!  Okay, so maybe not, but pretty close.   About a month ago I took the opportunity to go to Austin to visit some friends.  There was no doubt that my first stop on the trip was to eat pie at Royer’s Pie Haven.  I love pie! June 2014 076Pie is one my most favorite things, and so when I learned of this pie place, I just had to stop and kick up my feet, literally.

June 2014 075

The decor and ambiance was fabulous and I stayed there for more than a few hours, just relaxing and eating their awesome pie!  To learn more about Royer’s Pie Haven you can go to their website at:

June 2014 068

#19 – Trip to the Largest Whole Foods Store I Have Ever Seen

Due to my recent health kick, I was beyond excited to visit one of the largest Whole Foods store I have ever seen.  I’m not sure that it is “truly” the largest, but it was the size of a mall.  I mean, it had its own parking GARAGE.  I entered like a tourist, happily snapping photos and surely annoying all the regular shoppers.  Each aisle I perused contained at least one and usually dozens of  strange and unique items.  If I was rich, I would have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying out their amazing selections. These are just a few of the shots I took. I have dozens of others!

June 2014 089 June 2014 090 June 2014 091 June 2014 093 June 2014 094 June 2014 104 June 2014 106 June 2014 095

This particular Whole Foods even had a full service bar, along with a Fresh Seafood bar and numerous buffets.  I have never seen anything like it.  At 5pm this Whole Foods store was the “Happening Place” to meet for a fine dinner and delicious drinks.  I will most certainly go back there to experience it again!

#20 – Go Fishing From a Boat

Though I have gone fishing a couple times in my life, I have never actually fished from a boat.  Over the 4th of July, I finally had the opportunity to do so, and I caught a fish!  It was a black crappie, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was over the moon about it. I could have fished all day and truly believe I have found my new hobby! Anyone want to go fishing with me?

July 2014 080

#21 – Watch a Sunrise and Sunset in the Same Day

I am not an early riser, in the least bit, however, someone suggested that this be one of my great adventures and I just had to do it.  I got up at 6am this morning and was able to observe the beautiful sunrise over the lake.  I had never actually sat in silence that long and watched the sun inch its way upward. It was mesmerizing!

July 2014 063

About fourteen hours later, I was blessed to witness that very same sun setting on the horizon!  I wasn’t at the lake, but the sunset was still amazing and this was a fabulous adventure that I hope to participate in many more times!  God is such an amazing artist!

July 2014 086

#22 – Make Homemade Ice Cream

I love ice cream, especially Blue Bell.  Unfortunately, I have never made homemade ice cream, until now! With the help of a great team of friends, I was able to be a part of making homemade ice cream by using a delicious recipe passed on from generation to generation!

July 2014 026July 2014 031

#23 – Go Star Gazing

Where I live, the evening sky is orange and you can barely see the twinkling stars. That is one thing I really miss about where I grew up. We used get on our roof and watch the stars for hours.  Unfortunately, I haven’t made the time to star gaze… until this weekend! In the darkness of the night, as the locust chirped and frogs croaked, I reminisced about the traveling Planetarium that used to come to our school. That was my favorite day of the school year!  At thirty-seven years old, I plopped myself on the floor of the pontoon boat with two of my students and anxiously observed the beautiful stars that God created!!  To top it off, we were greatly blessed to observe three shooting stars! AMAZING!  We all made a wish three times over!!

#23 – Ride Big Bertha

I have never had the joy of being pulled behind a boat on a tube, but I can finally say that I have!  It was so much fun to ride Big Bertha (that’s the name of the tube)! Bring on the waves!


 Stay tuned to my blog for more of my 37 great adventures,

and I want to encourage you and yours to get out there and live life to the fullest. Participate in as many adventures as you can! It will fill your life with so much joy!