The Warrior Princess (About Me)


My name is Kristy. I was nicknamed “Warrior Princess” during a life changing experience called T.C.P.T. It was during this experience that I learned I was capable of doing more than I could have ever imagined.. I am a child of the One True King and a believer who is passionate about teaching, loving and encouraging children and youth on a regular basis. I enjoy laughing, singing, cooking, baking, playing guitar, watching movies, playing games, writing, and watching sports (especially basketball-high school girls and football-the Green Bay Packers). I was single for most of my life and uber career focused. God taught me paitience and now, at 40-something, I am newly married and lovin’ it!!!

I have three bonus sons, an identical twin sister and two younger brothers, as well as four nieces and two nephews. By the grace of God my parents are still living.

I sponsor two children from Rwanda, Africa, another child from Kenya, Africa through Compassion, and I have two black toy schnauzers and a 34 year old ball python, whom I consider my own children.

My immediate family has a history of obesity, diabetes and heart disease and now that I am in my fourties the reality that I am well on my way to keeping with this deadly family tradition, I am trying everything I can to stop this unhealthy cycle. I competed in my first triathlon in May of 2011, and continue to train and compete in triathlons (swim, bike run), dualthons (run, bike, run) and 5ks.

While I remain active and enjoy exercising, I struggle with a serious food addiction which was a huge part of my 60 pound weight gain.

I’ve most recently been digging deep inside myself to heal from two decades of abuse. As a result of addressing the abuse which I silently survived, I’ve gained 60 pounds and I am deternined to #riseup and live life to the fullest. God has so much for me and my husband to experience so I must get healthy. I write now to possibly help others, like myself, be reminded we are not alone. #metoo

As you follow me on this journey, you may also discover that I have very random thoughts, #lookasquirrel

I am driven and compassionate and it is my prayer that this blog would bring you inspiration, encouragement and oodles of laughter.

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