My Heart Weeps :(

I am sitting here on my couch, in almost a fog, but it a “Spirit-filled” fog!!!! Praise the Lord!

My mind and heart continues to be in Worship…Oh what a privilege to be in God’s presence, worshiping Him above all things and hearing His amazing, life-changing Word this morning!! I am so thankful for my Mom and Dad who brought me to church, gave me a Bible, took me to confirmation and Bible Classes and encouraged me to learn more about my Savior, Jesus, a pastor who brought me to youth events that told me about Jesus love, and the need for DCE’s in the church. Camp Luther, Wisconsin and its amazing counselors and Junior Counselors who had a love for Jesus so powerful and so contagious that is changed my whole life (and I still dream about taking a sabbatical and being a counselor there for a whole summer – yes even at 38 years old) and the leader of our DCE program at Concordia University, St. Paul who taught me about servant-hood, and the joy of leading people in the Word and teaching them the Hope we have only in Jesus. ALL of those things, I did FREELY without ever a worry in my heart that I would ever be persecuted for my faith. I never had to fear. The words of our speaker from this morning “What will you do with this gift? (ie: The Word of God)” are ringing through me ears and weaving through my heart. What a powerful message that is sitting with me hours later. I am praying for our persecuted church all over the world, but I am especially praying for the people in our own United States of America, the Golden Triangle and my small town in Texas where WE ARE FREE to worship and study God’s Word, yet we so often let other things come first. What am I kidding, we let EVERYTHING come before our God. 😦 I’m also a guilty party here. God’s Word is changing lives and people are risking their lives just to hear God’s Word and have a relationship with Him, yet, we don’t care. We are satisfied going about our busy lives and putting Jesus, our best friend, our Savior, our Creator, in the back seat…wait, no, in the in trash hoping He will go far away and stop knocking on our doors and bothering our busy lives. We shove Him aside without batting an eye. We are soooooooooo busy. It hurts my heart. And again, I am talking to myself here. My heart weeps.

If you were not actually able to be with us this morning at Holy Cross, I am actually beyond sorry that you weren’t. I am sincerely sad that you and yours weren’t here this morning, (and I know that is really bold to say), but its because I am really, really sad that you weren’t able to hear what I heard. The message, the experience, was THAT incredibly life-changing and there will never be another exact moment like it. I know there are others that felt the same.

I want to know Jesus. I want to know Jesus more intimately than anyone I’ve every known, and I desire to recognize His every Word. I also have a mission to tell you about this greatest gift, God’s Word, that we are FREE to read, cherish and live out every day without fear. We need to be in God’s Word, in God’s house, in devotions together as a family, in prayer talking to God who hears our every word and promise to answer. People are dying to hear God’s Word, and yet we ourselves are truly dying because we don’t.

YOU are in my prayers today, ladies and gentlemen! I’m praying that you would know the incredible love of our Savior, Jesus, which we know from The Bible – HIS LIFE-CHANGING Word! Know you are loved! Thank you, Jesus!

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