Back on Track to Get it Back!

My deepest apologies, readers, for falling off the face of the earth.  A LOT, and I mean a lot, has been going on in my life in the last three weeks since I last wrote:

I Began a 21-Day Standard Process Cleanse

Two of my Newest Friends Stayed Over at My House 

I Was in a Car Accident on the Tuesday of Easter

I Taught Devotions at One of Our Local Middle Schools

I Participated in Four Lenten Worship Services

One Easter Egg Hunt

Two Easter Services

Easter Lunch with Friends

I Had Numerous Chiropractic Appointments to Help Recover From My Accident

I Made an Obnoxious Amount of Phone Calls to My Insurance Company

It Has Been Two Weeks and Counting WITHOUT My Car (this is getting old)

I went Car Shopping Locally and in Houston

And Lest I Forget My Regular Routine of…

Work, Meetings, Women’s Bible Study, Lesson Plan Prep, Taking Care of My Dogs, Cleaning My House, and Desperately Trying to Stay on My Exclusive Fruit and Vegetable Diet….all While Under Just a “Wee Bit” of Stress.

I can proudly announce that I managed to lose 6 pounds on the Standard-Process 21-Day Cleanse!   I never veered off-course during the first half of the cleanse and it was way easier than I had anticipated.  However, in the last week and a half, right after the accident, I ate a few pieces of candy and had pizza (way more pieces than I should have), and devoured a few other “no-no” foods that I should not have eaten.

It really stinks to have a metabolism that even after eating next to nothing for three weeks,  I can only lose six pounds. But all that aside, I feel the best I have felt in a very, very long time, and considering the stress I was under,  I am thrilled with results of the cleanse, and would encourage all of you to give it a try. (FYI: The 21-Day Standard Process Cleanse is not a weight loss regimen.  It is a cleanse to remove the toxins from your body, and may, as was in my case, allow you to lose weight).  Stop by your local Chiropractor for details!

Today was also a monumental day for me!



It has been three months, count ’em, three,  since I last ran or biked or did any kind of physical labor.  For two of those months I was trying to get “better” and never could, so I started the 21-Day Standard Process Cleanse to attempt to restore my body to full health.  During the cleanse, they encourage you to refrain from strenuous exercise, like running, because the diet is so drastic.   With that said, today, I had to “bite the bullet” and get my derriere back to that track for a run!  I was both eager and nervous about the run, but I completed my mile in 10 minutes and 11 seconds.  But, it was not all “sunbeams and rainbows .” Oh no, it was a ROUGH RUN!  I was sucking some big time air, and my lungs were struggling, not to mention my legs. Even still, I managed to complete 2 1/4 miles in all!

Sadly, I grieve the fact that I was in such great shape only  four months ago at the finish of the Austin Dualthon.  Regrettably, with the absence of exercise and my never-ending struggles with health, I quickly lost my stamina, muscle mass,  and my strength, and as of today, I am back on track to get it back.

The Biggest Loser Half Marathon that I registered for next weekend will sadly not happen. However, I do intend to participate in the Biggest Loser 5K instead, and have full confidence that, in a year’s time, I will be able to finally compete in my first Half Marathon!

All in all, I am entirely optimistic for things to come. I can feel the difference in my body since the toxins have been removed, and I am enlivened to see how a healthy lifestyle of diet, exercise and spiritual development through continued personal Bible study and corporate Worship will affect me!

This is simply a “Minor Set-Back, for a Major Come-Back!”

I wonder if you haven’t ever been in the same place I am? 

You’ve fallen off the wagon and you have a choice to either get back on, or just lay their in the muck and mire.  If you are in that place, I want to encourage you that you are not alone.

We are promised this…

“He (our Amazing God) lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” Psalm 40:2


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