Never Gone a Day in My Life Without Sugar, Bread or Carbs….Count ‘Em: Five!

It is day five of the “Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program” and I have learned an abundance about myself.  First, I have discovered that if I invest in something, as I did with the purchase of this program, then I am much more successful, and much less likely to “jump off the wagon.”  So, if I had any advice to those of you who are struggling with weight loss or any other problem, “put your money where your mouth is,” and invest in yourself!  It will be worth it! Second, if I set my mind to something I can and will accomplishment it, with the help of God! Not too many years ago I was intimidated at the idea of embarking on new things. It made me uncomfortable and my fear of failure paralyzed me. I have now set out to prove to myself that experiencing unfamiliar things is essential in living life to the fullest!  Third, I do not NEED sugar or ketchup.  Up until five days ago I craved sugar and carbs  and ate them every, single day.  Furthermore, before even tasting my food, I would put ketchup on everything; meat, eggs, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, potatoes.  I love(d) ketchup.  However, due to the restrictions on this “cleanse” I am not able to eat sugar or ketchup, but guess what?  I haven’t died without either of them!  In fact, I have found myself wondering why I put both those items in/on my food in the first place.

April 14 091

One of the most important parts of this cleanse is preparing and eating a fruit/vegetable smoothie, with two scoops of  SP Complete,  three times a day.  Prior to this experience, I would have never attempted to eat a fruit smoothie without sugar.  I would have never even “tasted”  it first to “see” if it needed any sugar.  Nope, I would just dump the sugar in.

By the grace of God, truly, I have discovered that I don’t need, nor do I miss the sugar in the smoothie.  Notice I did say “in the smoothie,” as I still crave dessert.  Fortunately, upon eating the smoothie, I am so stuffed, I have no desire to eat anything more. Additionally, we are allowed to eat fruit on this program which acts “like” a dessert.  Fourth, I tried two things that I have never tried before and LOVED them:

kale chips and rutabagas!!!

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm MMMMMmmmmmmm Good!

Every time I go to the store the cashier says, “what are these?”  It cracks me up, because until five days ago, I had  no idea what a rutabaga was either. My recipe of choice was to fry them up in some oil with peppers and onions. They taste very similar to fried potatoes!


The kale chips are going to be my new go-to crunchy snack (no kidding)!  It is unfathomable how good kale chips are, and how easy they are to prepare.  Every picky eater on the planet should try these. You would be shocked how good they are.   Cut the stems out of the kale, cut them in to small pieces, add some oil, add salt and garlic salt, bake for 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven and “voilà,” you have the perfect crunchy, salty snack!


So, how am I feeling?

I am so glad you asked (wink, wink).  I am feeling splendiferous!  I am sleeping astoundingly more soundly than I was five days ago, I am less hungry than I have ever been in my life, and every now and again I can feel a twinge of pain in my abdomen that confirms that this cleanse is, as promised, forcefully kicking those nasty, no-good toxins out of my body.  On Wednesday, I had a busy day at work so I was super tired and I had a headache most of the day, but I still didn’t feel the need to take a nap. My energy and focus is up, and I am excited to see my transformation at the end of twenty-one days.

Last, I have finally mastered taking pills. In my last post, I expressed the difficulty I was having taking them, but after five days of taking pills, I learned that I need to take my time: put a little water in my mouth first, then drop the pill, then drink more water and after a few pills, eat something.  I usually take a swallow of the smoothie or the lentil soup between every second or third pill and they miraculously go down!

This has been an incredibly moving experience for me.  Growing up I never really had fresh vegetables.  Besides an occasional salad with lots of dressing, I ate exclusively canned vegetables, that upon further review have lots of additives and salt.  I also never paid  attention to what was in the salad dressings I have used: french and ranch dressing.  I grieve the loss of my “red” (not orange) french dressing, and if I am able to make it homemade, I will most certainly try.

Above all, I have been reminded that “nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37)  NOTHING! I am thirty seven years old and I have NEVER gone a day in my life without sugar, bread or carbs (potato, pasta, rice).  I’m talking NEVER people.  As a child we had dessert every, single night.  Every night!  Yet, for five days I haven’t had any of those things and I don’t feel like I am dying.  I am a food addict.  It has to taste good or it is not going past the tip of my tongue. So believe me when I say that fruit smoothies (with no sugar), kale chips, lentil soup and rutabagas taste good, and aren’t just “tolerable.” They taste terrific, and don’t just take my word for it.  Try them yourself!

The Final Countdown…how much weight have I lost?

4 pounds

Bring on day six!


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