On “Injured Reserve” :(

Since I began my journey to healthy living (about two years ago) I don’t recall ever missing more than three days of exercise in a row.  However, this is my reality this week and it is honestly causing me to push the panic button. Just over two years ago, I was completely sedentary, aside from running around at work.  I couldn’t run a single lap around the track without stopping, and one sit up was about all I could muster. I was in incredibly bad shape, and being quarantined to the couch WAS actually my life.

Still, after three long days of being on “injured reserve” this week and nursing my left knee, I am forced to face the facts. I have some sort of knee injury, though I am unsure how severe.  It could be as little as an Iliotibial (IT) Band injury which happens to a lot of runners or it could be worse.  What I do know is it frustrates my plans to train for a Dualthon in April and a Half Marathon in May and more than that, causes me to fear gaining back all of the weight I just lost.  Regardless, as advised by my instructors, I will continue to use the R.I.C.E. method (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) to heal…

See….this is my leg elevated and being iced down!


The old me would be overjoyed by this prescription, however, I am a changed person!  Exercise is a part of the fabric of my life and the thought of not physically working out for a few days, or even worse, weeks, is causing me a tremendous amount of stress.  Furthermore, if you have read any of my previous blogs, you know that stress causes me to eat, which will then lead me into a state of guilt and depression, which will then justify my binges, and the result of overeating without exertion will be weight gain!  May it be noted that the new me, has no intention of allowing that to happen.  In order to ensure that I don’t further injure myself, I MUST continue with the R.I.C.E. method, but (and that is a big BUT, which, if I am not careful will be MY big “BUTT”) that doesn’t predestine me to a life of lethargy. I fully intend to get up in the morning (day four) and do some upper body weight training at the gym. (Side note: I am already bemoaning the fact that I won’t be able to log in my 500+ calorie losses in my FitnessPal App, from doing cardio, but I will just have to deal.) I am further looking into the possibility of swimming. Unfortunately, the gym I presently frequent does not have a pool, so this presents a bit of a challenge.  If I find at the end of this week that things still haven’t improved, I will seriously look into swimming at a different gym.  All the same, I refuse to let this injury get me down and turn me into Veruca Cruz, the blueberry girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



Maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation?

Are you in the midst of a setback or difficult times??

Here are some words of wisdom that I hope will bring you comfort and encouragement:




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