Falling to Pieces…

So it has been an incredibly up and down week for me.  While my exercise regimen has continued (though less than usual), I have chosen to eat poorly, because I didn’t make time to prepare nutritious food in advance. Furthermore,  I have been very absorbed at work.  Surely, you can relate?  When experts suggest taking a day to prepare your meals for the week, they are not kidding. Had I done that I wouldn’t be in the predicament I am in.  Instead, my calorie count yesterday left me 900 calories in the red, meaning… “If every day were like today, I’d weigh 193.1 pounds in five weeks.”


Who in the heck wants to be back up to their highest weight in just five weeks?  

Certainly not me! In one week, all of my hard work seems to have melted away. But on a positive, I know what triggered it.  Do you know your triggers? According to Dictionary.com a trigger is “anything, as an act or event, that serves as a stimulus and initiates or precipitates a reaction or series of reactions.” Recognizing our triggers is extremely important on our weight loss journey and my triggers primarily revolve around stress.  Last night in particular, someone was on my heart.  She is having a great deal of struggle and is deeply depressed. Being thousands of miles away and powerless to resolve her issues, I chose to eat away my sorrows.  Definitely not a resolution, and unfortunately, I will have to live with the consequences (ie: weight gain). I was just so sad.

This morning, however, while perusing Facebook a friend and former instructor of mine posted the most perfect quote…

“Some day you are going to wake up and realize it doesn’t matter what you did, how you behaved, and how you reacted yesterday. What matters is what you do, how you behave, and how you react today.” Instructor Hall-Valdez

Oh my gosh, what an incredible thought! Yeah, I blew it yesterday, sort of.  Splurge days are not altogether bad, but I didn’t exercise yesterday, so that made it worse.  I consumed 900+ more calories than I should have, but that was YESTERDAY, furthermore, it was just one day.  Throughout the week I still ran/walked 5 1/2 miles on a treadmill with three separate sprints last Thursday. I biked 9 miles in 47 minutes on Saturday and crossed over the 300 mile mark on my odometer!  


I ran/walked five miles in one hour on Sunday and Tuesday I ran/walked 3.1 miles.  We cannot forget to celebrate the positive, and most certainly we must not dwell on the past.  Today is a brand new day!  “What matters is what we do, how we behave, and how we react TODAY” (Hall Valdez, 2014).  


As much as I struggle, I know that I cannot fall to pieces.  We are going to have setbacks in our lives. We are going to have days we consume far too many Reese’s Pieces, and we will have days we are too sick and too tired to exercise. That is part of life. The challenge is having the courage to get right back up after we fall!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  I registered for Biggest Loser Half Marathon this week!


It will be my first half marathon, and I am beside myself, and nervous, and keyed up and freaked out, and fired up, and yet still wondering “what on earth have I done!?!”  Interestingly enough, a half-marathon is something I swore I would never do. “Never say never,” right? Well, a half-marathon is 13.1 miles, or count them, four 5Ks plus another mile.  Seriously!  May 3 is going to be a BIG day!

If you would like to sign up for a Biggest Loser Run/Walk in your area, please go to the following link: http://www.biggestloserrunwalk.com/


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