Simply Breathtaking!

Today was a beautiful, fun-filled Sunday!  Worship was wonderful, and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon basking in the radiant sunlight, while studying the book of Matthew for my Monday night Bible study.  The dogs paraded around the yard, chasing after the squirrels, and I was able to focus on the Most Important!  Upon completion of my lesson I changed into my workout clothes, got on my bike and rode to the track to complete my “brick.”  If a question mark just popped up above your head, be assured this “brick” has nothing to do with a little rectangular shaped piece of hard rock and concrete.  No, this brick is a 1 mile run; 20 minute bike; 1 mile run, and I haven’t completed one in quite a few weeks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Furthermore, it was my plan to work on a new running “method” called the POSE Method of Running, which could have very well slowed me up, since it is something new, and I was concerned.

If you are new to running and/or would like to run in the most effective way, I would encourage you to try out The POSE Method.


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It has three parts 1) run on the balls of your foot 2) quick feet up 3) fall forward.  Clearly I have not been running this way, so while training for HITS Austin, Coach Mark instructed me to work on it and today was the day!!! Even better, it works!!! Now, I cannot be for certain that I did everything exactly as I needed to, but upon crossing the finish line after my one mile run, this is what I saw!!!


8:44…are you serious?  

I was astonished!  Not that I couldn’t feel it.  My lungs felt like they were going to fall out and land right there in lane number one. My best time – OF ALL TIME – was 8:31 when I was in the TCPT Challenge, and now THAT is the time to beat.  For the first time in my life, I know I can do it!

What a blessing it has been to see the changes in my body: physically, yes, but especially in my soul.  My heart is transforming as we speak, a metamorphosis of sorts, and it is my prayer that every person in his or her life-time will have the privilege of experiencing a life-changing transformation.

To see and experience your life in a way that you, once, never believed could be possible is simply breathtaking!    

With that said, I completed my brick, riding 4.41 miles on my bike, which was a personal record pace for me, and then finished my last mile in a time of 8:58.  This last mile could have been better, however, my first mile time distracted me so much that I failed to hydrate and eat a GU gel.  Rats! I have no doubt that the extra energy from the water and GU would have  pushed me further, but I absolutely celebrate what I have accomplished today.

My day continued with more little victories.  The recipes I made yesterday both turned out yummy!  There is nothing worse than making a new recipe, thinking it disgusting, and then being forced to throw the rest of it away.  Additionally, I weighed myself and lost a pound this week.  It’s been an up and down journey, as you can see, but the week ended with a weight loss!  Praise the Lord for giving me the strength!


Who could have imagined after my binge fest a few days ago that I could have lost weight, but I didn’t let that set back defeat me. And by golly, you shouldn’t either. When you have a bad day, get back after it! You can do this!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

To close out, I also received an invitation from a friend to be a part of an online Bible Study called “Made to Crave” by Lysa Terkeurst. My first reaction was, “I am already in a Bible Study,” but after further review, I believe her invitation to be a God-thing! I am so thankful she had to courage to ask and I am excited for the opportunity to be even more in the Word!  Won’t you consider it too?


Photo borrowed from

This Bible Study is COMPLETELY online and completely attainable for any busy woman to participate in, at your own convenience.  You can even work through it in your pajamas, girls!  If you would like to be a part of this Bible Study along with thousands of others, you can go to the following link to sign up.  You will receive all correspondence through email!  I hope you will join me.


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