Sadly, today was a poor nutrition day. I turned in last evening, feeling like I had relapsed, so my itinerary today began in the doctor’s office for another steroid shot. My doctor gave me strict orders to rest this time. Unfortunately, in my infinite wisdom, before returning home, I decided to go to Happy Donuts for a sausage and cheese kolache or two…okay, how about four (because I thought “I’m supposed to rest, so I don’t need to be standing by the stove making breakfast.” This quartet, along with the glass of skim milk I had to wash them down with, was over half of my calorie count for the day. It was a dreadful way to begin the day, and it was nobody’s fault but my own.


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Guilt-ridden, I planned to wait until dinner to eat again, but that plan failed.  I made it to 2pm, then thought, “hmmm, let me try this meal supplement bar” since I have been considering doing the 24-Day Challenge.  I thought it would get me through till supper, and since it was low calorie, I mused it was a bonus!

That was my second consecutive mistake.

I hate to criticize, but this particular bar was really rather gross, and it certainly didn’t make me feel full.  So within ten minutes, I was back in the fridge searching for “real” food. I had nothing prepared.

That was my third, fatal error.

Because it had been such a busy week, I had not made the time to prepare any good, nutritious food, so there was not a whole lot to eat in my pantry or fridge.  I grabbed some saltine crackers and some cheese.  Not so bad I guess, but that still didn’t satisfy.  After round three,  it was already near my personal dinner time, so I returned to the kitchen again.  I searched and finally decided on a frozen dinner from the freezer.

Error numero cuatro.

It wasn’t like the sodium loaded frozen dinner landed in my freezer by itself.  I bought it,  and put it there with the intent to consume it.  (SIGH)  I am so disappointed in myself.  After that it was a serious binge fest: the last of the potato chips, sugar free jello, Hershey bar.  I am certain if I had had a full pantry and fridge, I might have just eaten it all.

Nothing satisfied, and I was left feeling bloated and tremendously disappointed.  Now that I think about it, I didn’t have a Snickers bar in the house. That might have done the trick, cause as you know, “Snickers Satisfies.” (Insert Sarcasm Here) Why do we do this to ourselves? 

I am certain now, my fifth major error today was watching the Food Channel, while being quarantined to the couch.  BAD IDEA!

Since the race, I hadn’t been exercising and eating like I should, mostly due to cold weather and my poor health, and that makes me really anxious to step on the scale.  Actually, when I went to the doctor they weighed me, but I literally plugged my ears and closed my eyes so there was no chance of getting a glance at the number or hearing the nurse say it.  I know myself and that number would have caused me to self-sabbatoge which, admittedly, I freely involved myself in today anyway.  I guess even the thought of a weight gain caused a relapse. 

The truth is, I need to continue to lose weight because I am not at a health one.  I have been hearing a lot about the 24-Day Challenge and have been on the fence for quite a while, but my gut says it is not for me.  It would be more than a test due to the fact that I can’t swallow pills well, and this diet plan includes lots and lots of huge vitamins. I’ve seen the size of these horse pills and I don’t think I can do it.  Furthermore,  I have always felt very uncomfortable with “quick fixes” to lose weight, and this seems like a quick fix.  If I am honest, I  have only been considering doing this challenge because in the last few weeks, losing weight and sticking with it has been hard. 

My saving grace was talking with Coach Mark from HITS Austin this afternoon.

hitsWhen working with him, I did lose weight: thirteen pounds!!!  I was following a lo-carb diet and exercise plan and it was working, slow but sure.  I just didn’t stick to it after the race. I believe strongly, after talking with Coach Mark, that my gut instinct is correct. I am advised to stay the course (lo-carb diet plan and exercise), and that is exactly what I must do! 

For those of you who believe in the 24-Day Challenge I support you.  I know it works for many people, but I sense in my heart that it won’t work for ME.  I believe I would rather be chased by an alligator at the Lake Charles Triathlon than swallow those “Texas-sized” pills. 

Diet and exercise is what works, and I am going to prove it!  

Today, I made poor choices nutritionally and to make matters worse, I didn’t exercise because I  needed to rest!  Tomorrow is a new day, and I will seize it!  My agenda will include planning the recipes for the week, stocking up on delicious, nutritious food to make those items, and God-willing, if I have enough stamina, exercise!


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