How Do You Do It All?

My day found me feeling deeply behind, but at the same time, feeling accomplished. “Hmmm,” you say?  Funny how crossing just a few things off your list near the end of the day will change your perspective!!  I did have that “date with the doctor” and my reward was a shot, stronger antibiotics and cough medicine with codeine! Yeah! All in a days work.  But that’s not all.

I had tough decisions to make this evening.  

I was exhausted and in need of rest, but I also had my Women’s Bible study, and what about exercise?

Do I go to Bible study or do I rest?

Do I exercise or do I go to Bible study?

Do I forget it all together and just sit on the couch and eat ice cream and watch the TV shows I have recorded on my DVR?

I chose to go to Bible study! I arrived, come class time, late (this is becoming more frequent), with no name tag (this is apparently very important to the leaders) and without my Bible (this of course is invaluable, when you are a part of a BIBLE study).  As I rustled and moaned of embarrassment, I finally settled in and discovered why I was there!  God does that sometimes. Excuse me, God does that always!!  He always knows what we need, and always places us where we need to be, and He always has something to say, if only we would listen. Regrettably, all too often we, as I was reminded tonight, we “live such fast paced lives that we let those things sweep us away and don’t make time to be in God’s presence” (BSF, Gail, 2014)  I am a part of that world. In fact, it is moments like these where I wonder how I would be able to balance everything if I actually had a family?  I wonder how mothers and fathers manage when they have jobs and children and each other?  How does one make time for exercise and spiritual growth and family and work?

How do you do it all?  

I just don’t know? My life is extremely busy.  It just is, and if you don’t believe me, walk a day in my shoes.  It would probably surprise you. My sister, at times, will say she longs to be me, and it only takes one day of me staying with her, her husband and her three children for me to realize, that I would rather just be me. LOL!

So our Bible study tonight focused on Matthew 14 and to make a quick summary, Jesus had a LOOOOONG day. One might consider it to be the longest day one could possibly imagine!  He had been questioned by Herod, He had discovered that one of His own disciples had been beheaded, He fed the 5,000+, He provided healing to many, He went out in a boat, He came back to shore, He calmed the storm, and He walked on water.  All in days work? I would say so, and in His own, pure, human, exhaustion He very well needed to just sleep, but instead He goes up to the mountain to pray! And as Gail reminded us tonight, it wasn’t for a short time. (BSF, Gail, 2014) This is significant!  In the wee hours of the night He comes to His Heavenly Father in prayer,  to converse, to be refueled, to listen and to learn.  Wow, how much I needed to be here tonight!!  I certainly needed to rest, no doubt about it. But I needed to be in God’s presence MORE.  We all need to be in God’s presence more.  We need to be in the Word (The Bible), in a personal Bible Study/devotion, in an online Bible study, in a church small group/Bible study, in Worship where the Word is preached and the Sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion) are offered, in Bible classes with other daughters and sons of God.  

We need to have conversations with God (if even in anger).  

We need to be refueled.  

We need to listen.  

We need to learn.

There are so many options in life, but I know now, tonight, more than ever, that we can never be too busy that we don’t need Him! Indeed, “He is with us always, to the very end of the age,”(Matthew 28:20) but our faith cannot be fed and grow without His Word. His word comforts, encourages, and changes us.  I certainly need and desire to be a part of that!

I am praying for you right now. If you, like me, are that person who is so busy you can’t see straight, and can’t possibly fit in one more thing, I encourage you to come along with me. There will be tears and we will do everything in our own power to convince ourselves otherwise, but, nevertheless, my prayer is for you and me, that we are able to finally grasp that we simply cannot afford to NOT take time with God.  

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14  


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