Chicken Noodle Soup Day

Today was a “chicken noodle soup” day, and you know what that means; I was feeling under the weather…AGAIN. Sadly, I just can’t seem to get 100% well. When I started training for the Austin Dualthon, in October, I was ill, and since then, I have been to the doctor three more times. Tomorrow I have a date with the doctor again. (Sigh) I was finally going to get to run with my friend “B,” but at 3am this morning I awoke to an intense ear ache, cough and sinus drainage. For over a week we had not been running due to my personal dislike of the cold weather, so, we were both looking forward to this day! After all, she is training for an upcoming half marathon, and she was right by my side the whole time during my training for the dualthon. I need to be there for her now. However, at 5:50am, when the alarm went off, I texted her and canceled. I seriously didn’t feel like I could do it, and I think my instinct was right, for as the day went on, I progressively felt worse. After working in the office for a few hours, I quarantined myself to the couch with a bowl of soup and crackers, but I didn’t even feel like eating much.

DING! DING! DING! Alert, this chick is sick!

I mean, I didn’t even feel like eating. This is a sure-fire sign that a food addict is indisposed. LOL! With that said, since last I wrote, I have had two good workouts! Friday evening ended with a 5-mile walk on the treadmill, which took an hour and thirty minutes! This was the first time I brought my nook to the gym, and I found it was a great way to pass the time! Sometimes walking the treadmill can get boring and you find yourself longing to end your workout early, but reading a book or even listening to a book will really break up the monotony!

Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World was my book of choice, by fabulous speaker and author, Lisa Bevere. I did not know she existed until the Women of Faith Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past October and it was there that she “rocked my world!” Since I am a slow reader, I only completed the first two chapters, but here are a few of the most thought provoking quotes from her book thus far. I hope you enjoy!


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“Even my husband, John, was constantly saying to me, ‘It must be so hard to live in your mind, Lisa, with so many worries and fears crowding in on you.’ He was right. And it was getting harder and harder all the time. I was tired of being a long-term restoration project.” (Bevere,  2002, 16)

“Was it possible that God thought I was destined for more?”  (Bevere,  2002, 17)

“I was ready to stretch a bit and rise up in strength and beauty. I was tired of being thought of as weak and whiny.  I was tired of revisiting the pain of my past.”  (Bevere,  2002, 17)

“What I did and who I was responsible for overshadowed my sense of being God’s daughter.”  (Bevere,  2002, 18)

“If you do not bring your piece of the puzzle, the picture will not be complete.”  (Bevere,  2002, 20)

“We need to throw open this window and allow God’s untamed, limitless beauty to awaken a heavenly awe within us.”  (Bevere,  2002, 21)

Saturday turned out to be a fabulously beautiful day, but I started my bike ride too close to dusk and was only able to ride for 46 minutes and 57 seconds. This confirmed that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” as I was extremely unsettled that I could not complete a full hour on my bike. You see my dad is one of those who when pumping gas, MUST pump “to the dollar” exactly, and “God forbid” you end up pumping $45.02. My dad will not hesitate to “pump, click, pump, click, pump, click” until he is at $46.00 even, no more and no less. Well, admittedly I am like that too. I was horrified that I couldn’t complete my workout, and furthermore, safety was more important than my pride, so I headed back home, put on my new running shoes and went to the track. Mission accomplished! On my bike ride, I was well on my way to setting a record pace. I rode 9.73 miles, with an average speed of 12.4 mph and maximum speed of 18.8 mph. At the track, I put in another 2.18 miles in 36 minutes and 47 seconds! My only frustration is that I desperately wanted to have another record breaking day. In the end, my health must override my pride. My body clearly needs rest, and I must at the very least give it that. After all, as they say, “When you are sick, rest IS the best medicine.” I am now starting to believe them.


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  1. Kristy, I really hope you feel better very quickly.. you always seem to have so much on your plate!

    Also… got a chuckle out of learning about your dad at the gas pump. I live with someone who does the same thing!

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