Today I had a considerable amount of work I needed to complete in the office, AND I wanted to watch the Packer Game, AND I needed to exercise.  With all I wanted to accomplish, I had three options.

  1. I could choose NOT do my work and start off the week behind 😦
  2. I could choose NOT to watch the Packer game and be a pitiful fan 😦
  3. I could choose NOT to exercise which would make me feel guilty and would also be unhealthy 😦

What does one do when one has too many things to do and not enough time to do them?


 Rather than be a guilt ridden, unhealthy, behind the eight ball, pitiful Packers fan and cut one out, I chose to work as much as I could this afternoon before the game, then moseyed over to the gym to watch the Packer game while I walked. Dilemma solved!  Admittedly, I put myself in this predicament in the first place, because while I had been accustomed to running on Sunday mornings with my running buddy “B,” we were both so busy this weekend that we never connected and I didn’t run.  Hence my obsession with doing “some” type of exercise this afternoon.  I needed to and if I have learned anything, it is that the more days I choose to refrain from exercising the easier it becomes to excuse myself from doing it altogether, and soon I find myself unhappy, sedentary, and way too many pounds overweight. I made a better choice today!  I went to the gym, found a spot right in front of the TV and just walked for 73 minutes while cheering on my Green Bay Packers!


Yes, in case you missed that part, I just walked!  I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have convinced myself that walking doesn’t “really” do any good. Sadly there have been times I was so out of shape, the only thing I could have done was walk, but out of fear, I convinced myself that walking wouldn’t do anything for me and sat my butt down and ate a cheeseburger instead.  Can you say SABOTAGE? Yeah, maybe walking doesn’t take the pounds off as quickly but it still has positive effects.  If walking is all you can do, then just walk!  Truly, as the saying goes, “No matter how slow you go you are still lapping people on the couch.” (Author Unknown)


 Photo borrowed from http://www.mybeautifulmessblog.com

I have never forgotten the The Biggest Loser episode where one of the contestants had a serious injury and her only option was to walk. She was unable to do any of the normal “work so hard you puke” workouts, but in the end she lost a considerable amount of weight, by simply eating healthy and walking.  What an inspiration! Today I chose to walk, which is an option I would NOT have chosen in years past. I have to make choices like this in order to create change.  With that said my diet was less than desirable today, and though I still managed to work off more calories than I consumed, I did not eat the right things.  Nutrition is still something I struggle with.  One option is to eat well throughout the week and have one splurge day! That splurge day is something you can look forward to!  Another option is Carb Cycling, which I am leaning toward, because from my experience, I lost the most weight while doing a “no carb/lo carb” diet and exercising.  However, eating “no carbs” is just not an option for me, so Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling Method might just be the trick.  Maybe it is just the thing for you too? You can find out more information about Carb Cycling at the following link: http://chrispowell.com/carb-cycling-101/

 But, no matter what option we choose, we need to do “something” that works and is healthier!


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