It’s the Middle of the Flippin’ Winter!!


The t-shirt I wore today says it all: “Change the Story,” which is actually from an event associated with the organization, Compassion, from which I sponsor two children who live in Rwanda (see “The Warrior is a Child” page on my blog for more details). But I believe the adage is quite fitting as we begin this New Year.  Truth be told, I, once again, did not feel up to working out today. It was cold and windy outside, though it was warmer than it has been, and I tried religiously to talk myself out of it, but I had to “Change the Story.”  Up until recently, my days were filled with excuses that glued me to the path of living the “same ole’ story.”  Nothing was going to change…ever, on that path. Conversely, there is now a burning inside of me to do whatever it takes to change my story.  And I know that if you can look yourself in the mirror and believe that you are finally worth it, you too can be on the pathway to changing yours! Believe me when I tell you that I know where you are.  I was the one who sat watching The Biggest Loser while eating a gallon of ice cream.  I want you to do this with me? It’s only day four of 2014!  Let’s do this!

As I shared in an earlier blog, I was still feeling under the weather from the stomach bug this weekend and did not exercise until Wednesday. My week began with a 3.5 mile “Resolution Run” on New Year’s Day and on Thursday I returned to kickboxing!  My, oh my, have I missed punching that bag!  I am telling y’all, I would have never imagined that pounding something with all of my might could be so empowering!  If you have a kickboxing class in your area, I highly recommend it!


Since beginning my training for the HITS Austin Dualthon in October, weight training has regrettably taken a back seat. However, yesterday after kickboxing my muscles came out of hibernation and roared, “HELLO!”  I need not ignore them for that amount of time in the future. It was one of those “hurts so good” moments, I wish I could forget, nevertheless, while the discomfort may last for a moment (or a few more moments that I would like), the results far outweigh the pain!

I must keep on, keepin’ on! 

Today, was a great day! I finally resumed a regular routine, and admittedly, I was basking in its wonderfulness!! I accomplished all the work I had planned and then some, studied and finished my Bible study lesson for Monday, which I have been extremely behind on, AND I ran a brick!!!  Due to the abnormally cold and windy weather, the last time I was able to get out to the track and run a brick was on November 30. I have had absolutely no desire to be out in the cold and have generally resorted to the warmth and comfort of the treadmill in the gym. With that said I took one look at my friend “J’s” Facebook page today, and my excuses had no legs to stand on.


At -2 degrees, this girl has been training outside in Illinois, in the elements, in the middle of the flippin’ winter!  Her reward is not only a healthier heart, and absolute awe from all of us, but a frozen beard and snow covered eyelashes to boot!! Ladies and gentlemen, her sweat actually came out of her pores and instantaneously froze in glowing droplets to her face as she was running. What incredible Chutzpah, “J!”  Now if that isn’t hard core, than I don’t know what is?!?  And if “J” can run in the frozen tundra, then I can march my derrière outside, in the well-above freezing Texas temperatures, and run too. Thanks to “J,” that is exactly what i did today!

I pedaled to the track and took a few minutes to mentally prepare myself to run, because my brain and body were convincing me to “walk” the measly first mile. I pushed through and ran that mile in 9:02 and felt like I was going to die, but rather than bury myself right there, I walked to the transition area, got on my bike and completed 4.19 miles in 21 minutes and 21 seconds.  Back to the track I crawled, as my feet were like heavy cinder blocks. I labored to get through that last mile, but still managed to complete four laps in 9:57. No personal records today, but I still celebrate, as my workout was instrumental in changing my story!


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