Hauled Off to the Curb!

So, I made it through the Holidays without gaining any weight.  That has GOT to be a first!!! I am now down to 179.4 pounds!!!!


Honestly, I believe the 24-hour stomach bug had a significant hand in my weight loss this week, but I will take it, nevertheless. Regrettably, due to my busy schedule, I have not been able to exercise most of the week, however, I started the New Year off on the right foot, literally, by participating in the “Resolution Run.”


This free event was a 3.5 mile run put on by the Sea Rim Striders at a beautiful Hike and Bike Trail.  While I was a little slow starting off, I ended up completing the 3.5 miles in 37 minutes and 25 seconds with an average pace per mile of 10 minutes and 37 seconds!!  I can slowly see the seconds beginning to peel off my average pace and that brings me great joy!  I am also beyond excited to return to my regular routine (see “I Thrive With A Routine” blog entry from December 21).  This Holiday chaos has gotten me all crotchety and I want my schedule back.  Insert 2-year old temper tantrum here. I especially long to resume the “no carb/lo carb” diet!  I can’t believe I just said that.  It is astounding to me that “sweet stuff” no longer makes me “happy.”  Now, overdosing on carbs actually makes me uncomfortable, and I have yet to crave the pasta, potatoes and desserts like I once did.  I again recognize HITS AUSTIN and Coach Mark H. Wilson for being instrumental in making this happen!


Clearly the two month hiatus from “most” carbs (in preparation for the dualthon in Austin) was enough to make eating healthy a desired habit!  Now if I can just kick those other awful habits (ie: biting my nails, clearing my throat (obsessively), watching “Reality TV,” and cursing.)  Side note: I really don’t curse like one might fancy – I REALLY DON’T. But I do use the words/phrases: “frickin’/freakin’,” “good Lord,” “crap” and “OMG” entirely too often). These dependencies, among others, just need to be hauled off to the curb!


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