We are called to plant seeds, NOT pull weeds.

Tonight I am reflecting on a profoundly simple, yet revolutionary truth about Matthew 13:36-43 (The Parable of the Weeds) – Have you ever found yourself pointing fingers, “this person is a Christian,” “that person is SO not a Christian,” or “they couldn’t possibly have a relationship with Jesus” or “they are such a wonderful person of God, they couldn’t have possibly done that.” Guess what?  It is not our place.  In the parable of the weeds we learn that “we are called to plant seeds, NOT pull weeds.”  It is not our place to judge a person’s heart.  No matter how “convinced” we might be that someone else is not walking the walk, it is not our place to “pull the weeds” or point that finger, or put ourselves on the pedestal. It is our job to “plant the seeds.”  It is our responsibility to share the incredible love of Christ. We are never going to be able to know a person’s heart.  If we are truly honest, haven’t we all found ourselves pompously taking on the role of the “weed whacker,” rather than the “peaceful planter?” Lord, forgive us for striving to “be You,” the all-knowing God. Forgive us for desiring to “yank out those weeds” rather than loving, praying for, and considering the God-given potential of that person.  Help us, Lord, to be “peaceful planters” in this world so each one would know You as their incredible and forgiving, Lord and Savior. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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