December 7, 2013

Sadly, today, I didn’t have even a “little bit” of “want to” in me to workout. Excuse #1 – I am still recovering from an upper respiratory infection. Excuse #2 – I have had a very busy week and I am super tired.  Excuse #3 – The weather is not cooperating and I am unable to complete my brick outside at the track.  With all that said, I still dressed myself (always a good thing when in public), drove down to the gym and just did it.  The only thing moving me at that point was the fact that in less than an hour I would be done with my workout, and could finally go home and rest.  I completed my first mile in 9 minutes and 7 seconds.  Yippee, one-third of the way done! I followed that by jumping off the treadmill, getting a drink, and finding the nearest stationary bike to call my home for about twenty minutes. Then, it was back to the treadmill, and 9 minutes and 45 seconds I was DONE, both physically and mentally. This chickadee needed to rest her brain and her body.   Thankfully, I did what I needed to do today, but I had to, because yesterday I neglected to exercise altogether.  It was a super busy day running, here, there and everywhere for work, and by the time I had exhausted my “to do” list I become conscious of that fact that I didn’t have enough time to ride my bike for the allotted hour. I was expecting friends for a rare Christmas party in my home and I simply didn’t “get r done.”  Fortunately, I didn’t let that sour my day. I deservedly, made Friday my “splurge day!” That evening I ate some delectable carbohydrates, since no party is complete without my family’s infamous cheese ball and crackers. I capped off the night with a mouth-watering S’more and wonderful conversation. I didn’t overindulge, and it still tasted heavenly! Miraculously, I lost another 1 ½ pounds this week. When making good choices one can splurge on occasion and still lose weight. It is all about balance.


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