A 14-Hour Day – Wowzers!

December 4, 2013

Wow, today was a very, very long day – a good day, but a long one.  I woke up at 6:30am this morning to ride my bike. I had to, because there was no other option and yesterday didn’t go as planned. The sun still hadn’t come out fully yet and it was super foggy. Even my glasses fogged up numerous times on the ride. I waited until 6:45am and then went on my bike ride.  I had so much to do today that I could only ride for 50 minutes, but as Coach Mark said, “If you can’t get your whole workout in, just do something. Remain active.”  I completed 10 miles in 50 minutes with a maximum speed of 15.9 mph and an average of 11.8. I was certainly active – back and forth and here and there and everywhere for work.  Today was the start of special Advent activities at our church and that meant two more worship services and a few schedule changes. On top of that, before I even got to work today, I had to go to the doctor because I am still not well and it has been over a week of feeling “cruddy.”  I visited my family doctor, was diagnosed with “upper respiratory,” got a shot, antibiotics and then went straight to work.  I haven’t even had time today to go and get the antibiotics. I was only able to drop off the prescription L I was non-stop until 9pm this evening, when I finally left the office.  That makes for a 14 hour day – wowzers!  Certainly there are many of you out there that can feel my pain.  On extended days like today, you just have to do it. Not everything went as planned and I didn’t get my whole workout in, but at least I did something!  It is 10pm, I am completely exhausted and I have scheduled to run at 5:30am with my friend “B.”  I hope I sleep well because right now, I have ZERO desire to get up before dawn on my day off, but mornings are the only time during the week that “B” and I can find the time to run together and as I have mentioned before, having a buddy is my saving grace and holds me accountable. “A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do” to stay healthy



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