Texas Running Company Awards Me New Kicks!

December 3, 2013

Today I took the day off from work to drive to the Texas Running Company in Sugarland to be fitted for the new running shoes that I was awarded as part of winning the HITS Austin Running Contest. I was supposed to have gone to the Texas Running Company in Austin, however, I live over five hours away from there, so the next best option was to be fitted at a store a little closer, hence the reason for my trip to Sugarland. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get professionally fitted for shoes, and had the blessing of being accompanied by one of my best friends. Up until now, I had chosen my shoes by which was the most attractive. Clearly, my experience today has proven that was not the appropriate way to choose running shoes, especially if you are a runner, which I can now proudly say, “I am.” Sam, the manager of the Texas Running Store in Sugarland, was amazing to work with and hooked me up with some awesome shoes. The process, however, was simply fascinating!! The first thing Sam did, was measure my feet to be sure I was wearing the correct size shoes. Then he had me put on a “neutral” pair of shoes and run on the treadmill for a few minutes. This was no regular treadmill. This had video cameras to record how I was running. Upon completing the short run, he showed me photos of different people running, including the photos of myself that were just taken. By observing the way my feet strike as I run, Sam was able to determine the best running shoe for me!!! I was astounded by the science involved in selecting running shoes, and I was equally impressed by Sam’s knowledge. While many others in the store, today, chose their shoes quickly, I took my sweet time. As I usually do when shopping. This was a giant decision and I wanted to formulate the right one. I tried on three unique shoes and ran in each pair. (Trivia Question: Do you know how much I sweat when I run? I wrote about this earlier in one of my blogs. I sweat more than the average man. And I did this today in a public venue with business men and women all around. Yeah, it was a sight to see.) After this, I tried on two different shoes (ex: Asics on right foot and Brooks on left foot) and ran so I could truly compare them. Of course being me, I had to do this numerous times, JUST to be sure. Two hours later, I left the store with a fabulous green Texas Running Company T-shirt, an extraordinary pair of running shoes and gratitude in my heart! Thank you Texas Running Company, I will be returning to your store again, and encourage y’all to check one out too. So, my workout objective for the day was to do a 1 hour bike, but sadly, that didn’t happen. The sun does not rise until about 7am and it sets at about 5:30pm and I had to leave before 7:30am to get to Sugarland on time. By the time I returned home it was dusk and I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym and still get to my meeting. However, Coach Mark gave me some great wisdom. He said, “If you can’t get your whole workout in, just do something. Remain active.” So I did exactly that. At the store this morning I probably ran about a mile or so and it was awesome! Then before my meeting at work, I walked ¾ of a mile, and after the meeting I went to the track and completed one more mile. In all I walked/ran about 2 ¾ miles! No, it was not what I had planned, but at least it was “something.” I am realizing more and more if my schedule is adjusted or I am unable fit in what I had planned that day, doing “something, rather than nothing,” is best! Tomorrow was theoretically my off day, but due to the fact that I wasn’t able to get in a solid workout in today, I am planning on riding in the morning. Thursday will be my run day with my friend “B, and something tells me that getting myself up on Thursday morning will be a little bit easier that it has been, since I get to test out my new awe-inspiring shoes. Friday will be a one hour bike day, again, Saturday will be my brick day, and Sunday will be yet another run day. I am energized about the week ahead, but it is going to be an extremely busy one. We are talking 12+ hour days not including workouts because this is one of the very busiest times of the year for me and my staff. Certainly my test will be handling any unforeseen changes and actually fitting in all of my workouts. This, I am sure, is something that each of you faces every day. We are in this together!



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