What if I gain weight?

November 27, 2013

Well, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I am a bit anxious.  Okay, so that’s a lie.  I am A LOT anxious about tomorrow.  First, I am not feeling 100%.  I have been coughing and sneezing and my left ear was hurting today and I also have a low grade fever.  All afternoon I kept trying to think “happy thoughts” but my head has been heavy and at about 5pm, I could have taken medicine and went straight to bed.  On top of that, my right knee is bothering me and I am icing it down.  My uneasiness is because I believe it is in my best interest NOT to participate in the turkey trot tomorrow.  It is going to be in the 20’s in the morning and the fact that I am sick leads me to believe that I will only get sicker and possibly injure my knee if I run that race in the freezing cold.  I was supposed to do a brick tomorrow – bike the 5k course, run the 5k course and then bike the 5k course again.  It was going to be a big day, and I was really looking forward to it.  That is why feeling sick is so difficult for me today. Originally I was hoping I could just do the 5k, but it is not wise. The reality that I am not going to exercise (aka: burn calories) before the Thanksgiving feeding frenzy begins is causing me great angst. I knew this day would come. The concerns that people have shared with me are swirling in my head, “you need to be careful once you start eating carbs again. You will gain it all back,” or “if you don’t exercise then you shouldn’t eat carbs.”  Here’s the reality, folks.  I never intended to stop eating carbs forever, but I certainly didn’t think that reintroducing carbs back into my diet would be so stressful. I must remember that Thanksgiving dinner is supposed to be my reward.  I have eaten almost zero carbs in three weeks, and even though I am not going to complete the scheduled brick or even the 5k in the morning, I still deserve to celebrate Thanksgiving!  But that being said, the “numbers on the scale” keep flashing in my head again and the anticipation of a weight gain is causing a great deal of fear. Don’t we women fret about this too much? I must stay the course and just do the best I can.  I plan to ride my bike for an hour on Friday, complete the brick on Saturday and the one hour run/walk on Sunday.  All will be good.  Deep breath!


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