November 23, 2013

Today was brick day and it was cold and rainy, so I was unable to go outside and run at the track, where I have regularly been running my brick.  Instead, I went to the gym and was quickly reminded that I detest  changing my routine.  I really didn’t think I was so OCD about my schedule, but clearly I am.  I like the comfort of it and I don’t like to run on a treadmill.  Walking is fine, but running, not so much. I also discovered that I clearly don’t run at a steady pace. I was moving the speed up and down and certainly felt I was running faster than I was. The treadmill saw things differently.  I definitely prefer to run at the track for the brick because I know exactly where I am going and can check my split time at each ¼ mile. Unfortunately, my times were slower today. Both end caps were only about 9 minutes and 20 second miles.  I should have brought my stop watch that I had been using, but I forgot it, because I was out of my routine. This was super frustrating.  That being said, between the end caps, I traveled to the cycling room, threw on my bike shoes and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes.  My arches weren’t bothered this time, so that makes me think that I still need to make adjustments on my personal bike.  I will work on that this week. The bike computer said I biked 8 miles in 20 minutes.  Having ridden my bike for hundreds of miles while training, I easily recognize how far I have biked.  Consistently, I have been completing only 4 miles in those 20 minutes….not 8. Oh well.  At least I can say I completed my brick. I will celebrate and call it a day!  Oh yes, I had to call off my run in the morning with my friend “B.” I so look forward to our runs, however it will be 45 degrees with a wind chill temp of 39 degrees with 16 mph winds, are you kidding?  Though I am a Wisconsin girl, the temperature is too frigid for this chickadee and I can’t afford to get sick. I will resort to running on the treadmill when I can tomorrow. Confirmed…I am NOT a cold weather kind of gal, which has me bemoaning the fact that in December in Austin, it might just be cold.  I really never thought about that until today.  Yikes!


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