Countdown to eating carbs!

November 26, 2013

Today was a one hour bike day, but once again, due to the continuous rain and near freezing temperatures, I was unable to ride outdoors. Instead, I attended a spin class at the gym. Unfortunately, I was about 20 minutes late to class, but rather than have a complete meltdown and forgo the class altogether, I put my bike shoes on, strapped ‘em in and started pedaling. I extended my time on the bike for 20 more minutes to complete the full hour bike, and fortunately I did. The instructor stayed with me and helped me uncover why the arches of my feet might be bothering me with my new bike shoes. First, she demonstrated how to pedal properly, and by golly, I sense that might have been a giant part of the problem. Coach Mark projected the same thing. Pedaling incorrectly can strain certain muscles that are not meant to be flexed. With the assistance of Coach Mark and the instructor at the gym, I believe I am on the path to resolution. I look forward to proceeding outdoors again so I can come to a conclusion, however, the weather forecast doesn’t look promising. Coach Mark’s goals for me this week are to continue the “no carb” diet (except for Thanksgiving Day, which is my reward day), bike one hour on Tuesday, off on Wednesday, do a brick on Thursday – 3 mile bike, 3 mile run, 3 mile bike, rest on Friday, complete my usual brick on Saturday – 1 mile run, 20 minute bike, and 1 mile run, and then a one hour run/walk on Sunday. It will be a full weekend of workouts, but my reward is “feasting upon” Thanksgiving dinner. I can eat carbs on Thanksgiving, people, and if I am frank, I am uneasy about introducing carbs back into my diet. I will do my best to eat healthy. That being said, I am not craving potatoes as in the past, however for weeks I have been dreaming about delicious crusty homemade bread and pie, pie and more pie! Did I ever tell you – I LOVE PIE?! I do, and I am longing for a piece or two. My objective is to refrain from eating the whole darn thing at once.


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