November 13, 2013


Today, having a buddy to run with was the ONLY reason I got out of bed and ran in nearly freezing temperatures. If I could have talked myself out of it, I would have.  Yet again, another victory!  I am doing things I would have never done before. Two shirts, CHECK, two pairs of pants, CHECK, hoodie, CHECK, hat, CHECK, socks, CHECK, mittens, CHECK, Vaseline, CHECK!  Wait, what?  Yes, indeed, I said VASELINE!!! Who knew that slathering your face in Vaseline would protect it from the blistering winds as we ran this morning? Well, it did!!  My friend, “B,” is so smart!!! Not only did this info save my face from wind burn, but our early morning chitchat made the time pass quickly as we completed 4.52 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes. About an hour later I was able to catch up with Coach Mark and reflect on the week.  We are going to stay the course, and while I already “fudged” and starting eating carbs, Coach Mark has asked me to keep refraining from carbs until Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving will then be my reward day.  I am going to do my best!  But another confession – I ate about a dozen cookies today.  I know, I feel bad about it now, but wow, after having no carbs for a week, I couldn’t help myself.  This also reminds me of the importance of NOT having these temptations in the house or at work, because if it is there, you will eat it.  That proved to be the case for me today.


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