Potty Stop.

November 19, 2013

So I got up again to run with my friend “B.”  We decided, or shall I say, I decided we would go on a different route.  “Pounding the pavement” was taking its toll on my body and so as suggested by my chiropractor,  I decided would run the 1 ½ miles or so to the track, run two miles at the track, because it would be less taxing on my body and then run the 1 ½ miles back home. However, it was dark on this route and I got all turned around, literally, but we did eventually get to the track.  However, when we got there I realized I had to go to the bathroom, but the bathrooms weren’t open, so we went jogging around town to find a restroom. Did you know that nothing is open at 5:30am?  Seriously, why am I up this early again? LOL!  Yeah, Sonic was open, and thankfully they allowed me to use the restroom and we were back on track. Unfortunately the detour slowed us down, but it was still an adventure, and we completed 4.85 miles in 1 hours and 3 minutes. That was 13 minutes per mile!  I can see improvement once again, and I am able to take fewer stops along the way!


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