November 9, 2013

So, today was yet another extremely busy day for me and balancing everything is unquestionably getting tougher.  That being said, I was still able to fit in everything I needed to do.  The most challenging part of today was that I was really craving the carbs!  I have been able to refrain from the temptation, but going to the grocery store a few hours ago was pure torture.  Aisle after aisle and end cap after end cap had the thanksgiving displays of stuffing and pies and cakes and frosting and marshmallows and ice cream. This made me realize how much I depend on carbs to fill out the majority of my meals.  In the store, there was a whole lot of talking going on between me and God and thankfully, He gave me the strength to abstain. I came home and made a nice chili; no rice or noodles, but nevertheless, it filled me up and tasted great.  I will say that my energy level is still quite a bit less that normal this week and I think that I due to the lack of carbs, but I do believe I have lost significant weight.  I will weigh myself officially tomorrow. Today was also BRICK day.  I always get fairly anxious right before I am about to do the brick and today was no different. I set out for the run and finished at a pace of 9:26.  My best mile time thus far.  I then got on my bike and was able to ride 3.94 miles in 20 minutes and 41 seconds.  The most frustrating part of the bike on brick day is that I have to ride in town and that involves stop signs, lights, and lots of cars, which doesn’t allow me to really be aggressive in my ride.  So I parked my bike in transition and trotted off to finish my second mile.  I completed it at a pace of 9:31.  This is the first time that my second mile wasn’t better than my first, but I still count it a blessing because my energy seemed low today.  The t-shirt that I wore was my mantra for today “overcome.”  Indeed, that is the opportunity we have each and every day.  We can sit back and do nothing different or we can “overcome.” With God’s help today, I overcame.  I overcame the temptation to eat carbs when I wasn’t supposed to. I overcame the temptation to not complete my workout, and I overcame my fear of failure by attacking the brick and once again improving my time!

What will you overcome today?



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