“I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.”

November 10, 2013

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.” ~ Greg LeMond

This statement is so true!!  Today it was super tough to get up, but being that I had prearranged to run again with my friend “B,” I knew I HAD to. One, I didn’t want to disappoint “B,” and two, I needed to keep my promise to myself. Keeping promises to me is a very valuable piece of information that I learned from Chris Powell, the trainer and transformation specialist on ABC’s highly rated “Extreme Weight Loss.”  He teaches that there is power in making a promise to one’s self and keeping it.  That promise might be “I promise to refrain from eating dessert today,” or “I promise that I am going to get up and run for an hour.” It could be anything, and gratefully, today I kept that promise to myself and it was empowering. I remind you, I loathe getting up early, however, once I get up and get out the door, and accomplish a goal that I have set for myself, I feel so great! The run today was just over an hour – 1 hour and 11 minutes. In that time we were able to run 5.11 miles!  I am still wordless, and if you know me at all, that is a flippin’ miracle! There is NO WAY I would have ever believed that I could have accomplished that.  I have never – not even in training for the Olympic distance triathlon – ran or even walked over five miles at any one time. Check that, I think I might have done something close to that about eighteen years ago due to a calculation error on my high school cross country coach’s part (He once sent us on what he thought was a four mile run and it turned out to be almost double that), but never have I accomplished mileage like that in my twenties or thirties. My muscles don’t even hurt all that much. Maybe it’s the adrenaline, I don’t know, but God continues to work in my heart to remind me that “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.”  Coach Mark is one who I must also thank. The training regimen that he has set up for me has been incredible.  Furthermore, it is not like he is sitting here right next to me, forcing me to do it.  I not too long ago, thought that was the only way it could happen, but no.  In three short weeks, I am seeing tremendous growth in my self-discipline, courage, and confidence, and that is a testament to the encouragement that Coach Mark is providing for me.  And how could I forget to mention the “no carb diet.”  I made it through the week!!! The wonders never cease!!  Confession: I admittedly made corn bread muffins for dinner tonight – which was like heaven on earth – but other than that, I made it 6 days…17 meals without a piece of bread, grain of rice or slice of potato.  I think I deserve a medal for that!  Until this week, I had convinced myself that carbs were a necessity on my plate, but I have proved to myself that I certainly don’t have to “always” have them. I am certainly going to look into the possibility of having days of no carbs to continue shocking my body.  Drum roll please…I lost about 2 ½ pounds this week.  I am down to 184.4!!! Losing once pound in a year was difficult just two years ago, and recently, one pound a week has been difficult, though attainable.  However, losing two and a half pounds in a week is a true act of God! The HITS Dualthon is about a month away, and so much has changed in me these past three weeks. I almost can’t envision the woman who will cross the finish line. It will be an incredible day at Circuit of the America’s in Austin!


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