“Brains before beauty, wear your helmet!” – Unknown

November 12, 2013

Well this week is shaping up to be super crazy.  As if I needed to be reminded; I freak out when my schedule changes. Yesterday was my off day and I was unable to talk with Coach Mark due to both of our schedules conflicting.  That threw me off because I suppose I have grown dependent on his “assurance” and encouragement more than I realized in these last four weeks. Also, I am without my bike for a few days because it is in the shop, and I am unable to do my brick on Saturday, as I am accustomed to, due to a service project I am involved.  Ahhhhhhh! I have a plan to get in the same number of days, but why do I freak out when “life happens” and my schedule changes? I just don’t know, but maybe you can relate?  That being said, I had a successful week last week, except for the fact that I broke down and started eating carbs again on Sunday night.  I made it 6 days…17 meals without a single piece of bread, grain of rice or slice of potato. I should be proud of myself, but I conclude that I am feeling guilty because I started eating carbs again, and I don’t know what Coach Mark’s plan is for me this week? On top of that, I am still disappointed about my weight.  I was expecting to lose more weight with the “no carb” diet, and sadly I have already gained a pound back.  It seems that when I am focused on weight more than I am focused on successful workouts and how I feel, I get a bit down in the dumps. By simply referring to my blog in the last three weeks, I can see that.  I wasn’t down at ALL, until I focused on how much weight I was going to lose on the “no carb” diet. Fiddle sticks!! A great coach and friend of mine, Instructor Chris Sturgis, once told me (after one of my incredibly dramatic rants) to not worry about the number on the scale and just push myself to do my best.  Those words of wisdom are truer now than ever before. The number on the scale is something that haunts me and brings me down. No one should put themselves down no matter what the number is on the scale. The number on the scale doesn’t define you.  It doesn’t define me.  If we are pushing ourselves further than we have ever pushed ourselves before then we should celebrate!  I should celebrate!

So, moving on to tonight’s workout.  I had no bike, so I went to a cycling class at the gym I attend.  It was kind of cool (strobe/dj lights, video of a bike ride to a winery, awesome music), but I REALLY missed my bike and riding outside.  I rode for an hour, but I could tell it just wasn’t the same.  Thankfully I will get my bike back tomorrow and I will have new pedals and new bike shoes. Stay tuned for the bloopers.  I have never ridden a bike with bike shoes that are clipped in.  I repeat the shoes I will be wearing will be CLIPPED IN.  If I have to stop and I can’t get my shoes out of the clip in time something drastic and dramatic will have to happen.  Either I will have to fall off my bike with my shoes still clipped in, which will most likely cause some damage to my legs or I will have to just keep moving and hope I don’t hit a car or the car hit me. This is going to be a trip, in more ways than one.  My helmet is a must.  Prayers would be appreciated.  As much as I am making fun of myself, I am really looking forward to seeing what a difference it makes to have my shoes clipped in!

“Brains before beauty, wear your helmet!” – Unknown



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