Never take your eye from the risen one!

November 4, 2013

Never quit. Never lose heart. Never be defeated by circumstances. Never take your eye from the risen one. – Unkown.
Today I had the privilege of talking with Coach Mark about the coming week. We reflected on this past week and made some adjustments. Even though I performed well and showed improvement, Mark chose to give me another day of rest because he doesn’t want to burn me out. The plan is to run on Tuesday, ride on Wednesday, ride on Thursday, rest on Friday, Brick on Saturday and long run/walk on Sunday. The biggest challenge this week will be to eat “no carbs.” Well, I can eat fruits and vegetables, which have carbs in them, but no alcohol, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, sugary cereals, maple syrup, candy, tortillas, etc. Now, growing up a “meat and potatoes” girl, this is going to be a challenge, but one I am willing to shake to shock my body and lose some needed weight. Well, as a friend once reminded me “you don’t want to LOSE the weight, because you will find it again. “ I want to get rid of the extra weight so I don’t find it again.


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