ImageNovember 6, 2013

Okay, so today, I admittedly was still awfully sore from my run on Tuesday morning and chose to sleep in. What’s more, it is my eventful day at work and having to teach in the evening, I chose to make today my rest day, and plan to complete my one hour bike tomorrow and then on Friday. Originally I was supposed to be off on Friday and ride one hour today. With that said, I am doing very well on my “no carb” diet this week. I have made much, much healthier choices in food selections than ever before and it has not been difficult thus far. Yesterday morning my friend “B” made me breakfast and that included “HUMMUS.” Well, that was a food I have never eaten before and I LOVE it! For that reason, I immediately went to the store and bought the same brand I had eaten for breakfast, and ate it for lunch and dinner with carrots and cucumbers. I would have normally chosen to eat it with crackers, but since I am on a “no carb” diet I ate it with veggies! I actually prefer it plain, but since I need to eat more vegetables I cut up cucumbers and carrots and used the hummus to dip them in. I also chose to eat hard boiled eggs, beef and vegetable soup, salad with lots of veggies and a few slices of turkey lunch meat. For breakfast I created a delicious omelet with green pepper, sausage, green onions and a little sprinkle of cheese along with the hummus and some grapes, kudos to my friend “B” for giving me the idea. I cannot believe I am hungering for hummus! I am only in the middle of week three, yet I am witnessing my transformation right before my very own eyes. Incredible! In addition, one of my youth expressed to me tonight that she would like to participate in a triathlon. I am so excited for her! If an almost 200 pound, 36 year old woman, with the confidence of possum, and a family history of heart disease, diabetes and self-loathing, can finish a dualthon or triathlon, ANYONE can. And, that is the absolute truth! So, go ahead…make plans to do it! Make a change. Do something you have never done before. “A year from now you will wish you started today.” Karen Lamb


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