The Windy City?

Who knew I lived in the “windy city?” Well my sister does live there, but not me. Still, today, the “windy city” came to Southeast Texas. It was 81 degrees and there was a 13 mph wind out of the Southeast. Now usually I don’t take notice of the wind, but I did today. You can imagine from the photo of the flagpoles provided that the wind made my one hour bike ride a “wee” bit more difficult. I found myself struggling with the wind almost the entire road trip and I was so disappointed. It seemed I couldn’t get over 10mph, but I persevered and finished completing 11.80 miles in 59 minutes and 11 seconds. I averaged 11.9 mph and maxed out at 18.6mph. I felt pretty overheated when I finished the ride but my muscles weren’t hurting – yet. I scurried back to work for a few hours, and then it hit me – my body started lamenting about the wind. I suppose I did exert more energy than I thought fighting against the wind, but to focus on the positive, it was as if I had conquered the hills of Austin!!! FYI, there are literally NO hills where I live: NONE Period. The closest hill would be a bridge or an overpass, but I am not about to battle traffic speeding 75+ miles an hour. Indeed, today was a simulation as I rode into the wind: I attacked the hills of Austin and my muscles are reminding me. I also celebrated another victory today, crossing over the 100 mile mark on my bike odometer. Actually that is deceiving because this is my second Cateye bicycle computer, having lost my first one on a trip to the T-Gator Series Triathlon. I had stuffed my bike into the trunk of my car and didn’t realize that the computer could actually fall off. So along the way I must have hit some bumps and “bye, bye” went my computer. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled when I arrived at the race to find I didn’t have a computer anymore. Nevertheless, I have a new one! My best guess is that since starting this journey two years ago, I have road over 200 miles on my bike. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of mileage for those of you who log in 30-50 miles a day, but for someone who was close to sedentary two years ago, I would say that is pretty dog gone good! I celebrate my 100 mile mark!

“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~ Charles M. SchulzImage


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