The Beautiful Sunrise

This morning I was out of the house and on the track before the sun came up.  The sunrise was absolutely beautiful and though I am not a morning person I couldn’t help but think how many sunrises I have missed sleeping in. They sure are beautiful.  My goal today was to do a 30 minute run/walk.  I completed 2.75 miles in 32:35! This is a whole ¼ mile more than last week, so I continue to improve, which I am so proud of.  My pace per mile was 12:01. My muscles were really sore today after the run. I am not sure if it is residual from the wild wind yesterday or if I was that I pushed myself more this morning.  Either way, it was a good burn!  I was not the only one running/walking at the track this morning. My inspiration for the day was a father and his three children that were running/walking together. While I made each lap, I couldn’t help but think of the countless excuses I have made to not get up in the morning to exercise and here was this man and his three children.  I am sure the children weren’t the ones who wanted to be at the track, but their daddy was. The father knew it was important to exercise, so he got his three kiddos out of bed. I was run/walking pretty much alongside this man and his children and at the end, I was able to see him cheer on his kids as they made their one last lap. The three of them raced each other and the father stood along the track and encouraged them all. It was a lovely scene.  No excuses.  If a father can get himself out of bed, get dressed and get his three children out of bed, get them dressed and get to the track to exercise, then by golly we can all do the same



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