Day 2: Training

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So I almost pushed my alarm one too many times. I am not a morning person in the least. Can anyone relate? William Feather once said, “Early morning cheerfulness can be extremely obnoxious.” I would agree on most mornings. I barely talk to anyone in the office before 10am and my thoughts don’t start coming out of my mouth in clear sentences until at last that hour. So back to my morning, I had to get up early to complete a 30 minute run/walk because I teach classes in the evening and I knew I wouldn’t have time to run later. This is just one more perfect example of why I need to be doing this race. If I wasn’t, I can guarantee that I would have never gotten up to do this run. I literally forced myself out of bed, got dressed, grabbed a quick drink of water and a handful of trail mix and headed off to our local track. It was still a wee bit too dark outside, since the clocks have yet to change, and I didn’t want to risk getting hit by a car that couldn’t see me. Though I was tired and still recovering from a sinus infection, I felt good this morning. I completed a 2 ½ mile run/walk in 33 minutes and 36 seconds. If I hadn’t had to go to work, I actually felt strong enough to have kept running.Image


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